Top 10 Countries with Largest Facebook User 2011

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Here are 10 countries with the largest facebook users in the world in 2011 (until December). Data show that Facebook users are not directly proportional to the population in a country. China, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Russia, Nigeria are the countries that enter the 10 most populous country in the world, but facebook users the numbers are very small. Facebook users in China is only about 500 thousand from more than one billion population. Even Japan, the state technology literacy and Internet literacy, only about 6 million people who use facebook than 127 million population. Indonesia in the second ranks as thecountry’s with largest facebook users in the world. 10 Countries with Largest Facebook User 2011 after the break...

10. Germany (22,119,300 Facebook user)

In Germany there are 22,119,300 82,424,609 Facebook users of its population. As many as 27% of users aged 18-24 years, 22% of users aged 25-34 years. As many as 51.9% facebook user are men.Sebagai negara maju, Jerman memiliki layanan internet yang baik dan menjadi salah satu pengguna facebook terbesar di dunia.

09. France (23,545,120 Facebook user)

France is one country with the world’s largest facebook user, as many as 23,545,120 facebook user than 62,944,619 French population. A total of 26% is the facebook users aged 25-34 years, 25% aged 18-24 years. Facebook users in France are more women in the amount of 52%. Internet speed in France is high at 28 Mbps.

08. Philippines (27,033,680 Facebook user)

Philippines is one country with the world’s largest facebook user. Facebook user in Philippines as many as 27,033,680 than 86,241,697 of the population. As many as 39% were users aged 18-24 years, and as many as 24% aged 25-34%. And the rest, from the diverse age range. Internet access in the Philippines, ranging from 128 kbps to 5 Mbps.

07. United Kingdom (30,470,400 Facebook user)

United Kingdom is a country with the largest facebook users in the world with 30,470,400 from 60,711,591 population UK. As many as 25% aged 18-24 years, 25-34 years as many as 24%, and 17% aged 35-44 years. Internet access in the UK is very good, with ccTLD (country code Top Level Domain) is .uk. Since 2007 an average speed of the internet in the UK is 5 mbps.

06. Turkey (30,963,100 Facebook user)

Turkey is a country with the world’s largest facebook user as many as 30,963,100 from 68,893,918 of the Turkish population. Facebook users in Turkey are dominated by the population aged 18-24 years by 33%, 28% aged 25-34 years. ISP company in Turkey provide services ranging from 1 mbps and the most widely used. Turkey is also included in the 10countries with the fastest growth of facebook users in the amount of 1.60% and ranked 10.

05. Mexico (30,990,480 facebook user)

Mexico is the 13th largest country in the world (1,972,550 km2) and includes the country with the world’s largest facebook users as many as 30,990,480 people of Mexico’s population of 104,959,594 souls. As many as 33% of Facebook users are from age 18-24 years, as many as 24% of age 25-34 years. The growth of Facebook users, including the fastest that is equal to 2.89%. Internet users inMexico pretty much even as many as 70 million users and internet access in Mexico is also very good. Internet provider in Mexico offers internet access from 500 kbps.

04. Brazil (35,158,740 Facebook user)

Brazil is the 5th largest country in the world with an area of 8,456,510 km2. Brazil has the world’s largest facebook user as many as 35,158,740 from 184,101,109 of the Brazilian population (number 5 largest population in the world). As many as 32% come from the age of 18-24 years, as much as 28% of age 25-34 years. Internet users in Brazil is also the highest which is about 67 million users, or the fifth highest in the world. Speed internet in Brazil starting from 300 kbps – 2 mbps and upcoming planned to reach more than 5 mbps.

03. India (41,399,720 Facebook user)

India ranks as the seventh largest country in the world with an area of 2,973,190 km2 and occupies the second rank as the most populous country in the world that is equal to 1,065,070,607 souls. So it is not surprising that Facebook users in India is also among the largest in the world, as many as 41,399,720 users. Facebook users in India is dominated from the ages of 18-24 years by 48% and 24% of age 25-34 years. Some people say India as a “smart babies grow up fast” this shows that India is the fastest growingcountries in the field of technology. India is also a country that is quite stringent and selective in applying censorship of content that is considered detrimental to the people of India. Some websites that have banned or blocked or censored, including the Yahoo Group, Geocities, Blogspot, Orkut (social network), DALnet and several other websites.

02. Indonesia (41,777,240 Facebook user)

In second place is Indonesia as a country with facebook users world’s largest, as many as 41,777,240 from 241,452,952 total population of Indonesia (ranked 4 largest population in the world). As many as 41% are from age 18-24 years, 21% aged 25-34 years. As many as 60% facebook user are men. Internet users in Indonesia reached 45 million, and 48% accessthe Internet from mobile phones. Speed internet access in Indonesia reached 1.21 mbps, but the fact is many do not reach those speeds. Internet in Indonesia is still a thing which left many problems such as slow access, expensive costs, fraud, monopoly ISP, harmful content (pornography) and others. Government measures in the field of Information Technology has been long awaited by the people of Indonesia, for the Indonesian people can enjoythe Internet with good, cheap prices, so that the people of Indonesia can be technology literate so it is not left behind with other countries.

01. United States (157,418,920 Facebook user)

America as an advanced country by occupying the fourth position as the largest country in the world, covering an area of 9,166,600 km2. Facebook users in the U.S. is the world’s biggest users of as many as 157,418,920 from 297,336,946 US population (ranked 3rd largest population in the world). As many as 24% of users aged 18-24 years, as much as 23% aged 25-34 years, 16% aged 35-44 years. History ofthe Internet is derived from the U.S., sponsored by the ARPANET (U.S. department of defense), but the U.S. is not the country with the fastest Internet access, but South Korea (39.60 mbps to achieve an average of 17.62 Mbps). U.S. Internet speeds average between 5 mbps and as many as 67 million Internet users with broadband services.

Google office in Switzerland

 So, in Zurich's central office is Google in Europe. It employs approximately 1,500 employees, of whom about 60 Russian-speaking. Khanty them as in other offices (eg, many people move from the Moscow office of Google), and straight. In Zurich, the local speak "Swiss" language (which is very similar to German), but Google still communicate in English. 16more images after the break...

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The nimble animals are not a special species, just normal goats that have learnt to adapt to the country's aridenvironment, where their main source of nutrition comes from the tiny berries that grow on the Aragan tree.

Since the trees are sometimes as high as 30 feet, the only way the goats can get to the berries, is by scaling up. Over the years, they have not only figured out how to climb, but also prance  around nimbly from branch to branch like ballerinas.

While the climbing goats are in itself fascinating, what is even more interesting is what happens with the goat 'poop' after they have eaten the Aragan berries. The dried-up droppings are collected by the locals, who wash them and then grind and press them to extract oil - Used, for cooking and cosmetic purposes.

Though the whole thing may sound a little gross, Aragan oil is reputed to be very healthy and highly coveted, with a quarter liter of good 'quality' oil retailing for, as much as, $50 USD!

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